Monday, June 11, 2012

Compilation Distributed!

The compilation is finished and distributed! The final document contains 26 stories, totalling just under 500 pages long. MaverickWrit did an beautiful job compiling the final pdf, and I can't wait for everyone to see it. If, for some reason, you have not received your copy, please email us, attaching a copy of your receipt, and we will rectify the situation.

Authors, you may post your stories as of midnight EST on July 6, 2012.

We want to extend our endless gratitude to everyone who joined with us, whether through donations, story submissions, beta work, creating banners, or spreading the word. Every one of you were integral to us meeting, and exceeding, our goal of $1000 dollars.

Much love and thanks,
The Fandom for Ovarian Cancer team
Laura, Chel, Lisa, Mavvy, Jess, & Lexi

Friday, June 1, 2012


We raised $132 in our week long push for matching donations. Our generous benefactor added in the difference to bring her total donation up to $168, giving us the needed $300 to reach our goal of $1000!!  As promised, here is a copy of her receipt, with her personal information hidden, at her request.

However, we aren't done yet! Donations are still be accepted right up until the last minute. Every little bit helps, and couldn't the money for tomorrow's grande frappuccino be better spent on working towards a cure for Ovarian Cancer? How about packing a sandwich or taking the leftovers from dinner the night before, instead of buying that McDonald's extra value meal?

My heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who has donated to this cause, whether through monetary donations, keeping the word out on Twitter and Facebook, writing a story, creating a banner, or offering beta or pre-reader services. Every one of you have demonstrated, over and over, the heart that is at the core of this fandom.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time is Running Out

With just a little over a week left for submissions to be received, and sixteen days left for donations, I have an inbox filling up with stories and outtakes. More teasers and banners will be hitting the blog soon, and more donations have been received, with current donations sitting at $706. We are, however, still about $300 shy of the goal we'd hoped for.

So now, I have a challenge for the fandoms represented in the compilation.

I have a donator who is willing to match, dollar for dollar, any donation received between now and the end of the month, up to $300. She will make her donation on June first, and I will post the copy of the receipt (with her private information blocked) to prove that it was, in fact made. So, let's see it, everyone! Your donation is automatically doubled with the matching funds. If your company, or spouse's company, does matching funds also, you could triple that contribution. Let's see those generous hearts I have come to know and admire!

The Generous Heart is the Queen of all hearts, 
for she alone listens to all 
and believes in the power of wishing, loving, hoping, working 
and creating your own dreams, with even the smallest of beginnings. 

$300 in one week-I KNOW we can do it! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

IMPORTANT: A Change in Dates

Due to the large number of charity compilations running right now, and the generosity of the many writers who donate to as many as they can, we've altered the dates for the compilation.

Teasers & Banners Due: May 21, 2012
Submissions Due: May 31, 2012
Donations Due: June 9, 2012
Distribution Date: June 10, 2012
Release for Posting: July 4, 2012

Please make a note of the changed dates and authors, please let your readers know. Get those teasers and banners in so we can share them out. Those who have made donations and are receiving the compilation, ya'll are in for a treat, based on what I've seen thus far!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Changing the Name

Due to issues that we will not go into, in an effort to curtail more drama, the compilation has been renamed, at Mina's request. She has asked the focus be taken off of her and put on the disease that has caused her to be hospitalized.

The Cancer Center that she is being treated at is not equipped to accept international donations via the internet. Because some have questioned the validity of our intent with the paypal donation source, we have selected two Ovarian Cancer Research sites to focus our donation efforts toward. The donations that were already made, with the intent that they go to the hospital, will still be sent there.

This compilation is still in honor of Mina, because of the beautiful person she is and the light that she has brought to so many people. She has put a face on Ovarian cancer for many of us, while we have tried to support her however we could through her battle with this disease.

Please check the Donation Page for links and information on these charities.

A Fandom Author Supports One of Our Own


5.00 USD = 3.19 GBP

Exchange rate: 0.638000

Rate valid as of: 11/3/2012

I'm in the UK, so £3.19 would buy me some milk, bread and a bag of sugar… or a large bag of popcorn, crisps (chips) and a bottle of soda… or a pack of tampons, and a very large tub of ice cream….

Do you know what I paid for Mina Rivera to make my banner for this story? £0.00. What did I pay Mina to read and review every chapter or one shot I had ever written £0.00. What have I paid Mina for her friendship, her support, her kind words when I was at rock bottom? £0.00.

When she made the banner for this story, she had been out of the hospital for less than 12 hours after receiving yet another round of painful medications to fight for her life. She couldn't keep food or fluids down, she was in pain, she was beyond tired, but she pleaded with me and other authors to make banners to keep her going.

Mina has never asked me or any other author for any type of finance for her time and her talent, yet she has helped out so many people.

Now it's time to help her out, one of our own, our true friend.

Loads of authors are signing up to make up a large compilation of stories to raise funds to offset some costs that won't be covered by her insurance.

My part in this? If you donate, you will get an outtake of this story from Edward's pov. It will cover him finding the manor, finding Ali, being found in the basement, the interaction with him and Rose when she bathed him and finally, when he met Jasper for the first time.

$1, $5, $100, any amount will help Mina and in return you will get some amazing stories, out takes etc….

Please visit:
fandomformina (dot) blogspot (dot) com (remember to take out spaces and replace the 'dots' with .

You can also find more information in numerous groups on Facebook or PM me and I will try and find out what you need.

Until next time xXx


This Old House

Banner by Mina Rivera


Compilations to benefit different charities and causes are certainly nothing new, and each one has touched many lives. What is perhaps different about this particular compilation is that it benefits one of our own, rather than a larger group. There are excellent reasons for dedicating the efforts of multiple writers, banner designers, beta readers, and others to benefit one individual – each one of those reasons has to do with the extraordinary person that is Mina Rivera.

Those of us who have been touched by Mina’s kindness, her tirelessly giving nature, her boundless support, and her unflagging enthusiasm know that she is a truly special person, not only just in the world of fan fiction, but as a human being. She has seen so much adversity and has had so many obstacles to overcome, and yet she has always treated the people around her with love, compassion, and cheerfulness. Even in the darkest days when she has been unable to hide her fears, her greatest concern was always for the people who love her. Many of us who have been blessed with Mina’s friendship have grown particularly fond of her mother, who has been such a strong example and loving force in her life, and we can appreciate the bond that this family shares. It is a blessing that Mina is surrounded with such love as she fights her cancer, but it is also heartbreaking to know how she and her family are suffering while they face the grim realities that come with the disease.

I have gotten to know Mina through a writing group known as the SotTP, and I can attest to her kind heart and patient acceptance. She always has a kind word for each of us, even when we are having a bad day and probably deserve a smack upside the head instead. Her talents are considerable as well, and I can only guess at how much greater they will become if she is able to continue to work and let her skills grow and flourish. I have always enjoyed her writing, and each of her banners is a little work of art. Her attention to detail and her calm approach have helped her to produce wonderful things, and she has always shared her talents with the rest of the fandom without ever expecting anything in return.

It is a rare thing to meet a genuinely kind, tolerant, and positive person. Mina has touched so many lives in such wonderful ways, and I can only pray that she is able to continue to make the world a better place. The world desperately needs people like her, who are unafraid to speak up for what is good and right, and who can speak out with a kind, loving voice of reason. In supporting this compilation, you are helping to ensure that her bright light does not go out.